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WearerTech Unisex Invigorate Black Safety Shoe Size 4

Product Code: BB195-37
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Do your feet feel close to broken at the end of the work day? Discomfort whilst standing doesn't have to be the norm. Specialist non-slip footwear brand WearerTech have been developing specially constructed occupational footwear for standing since 1978 and supported over six million people in getting through long standing shifts. The Invigorate anti-slip shoe is here to help you too.

With a carefully produced sustainable slip resistant sole to defend against everyday greasy work surfaces or dirty flooring, you can feel confidently protected at work. A supportive foot shape and ergonomic foot bed combined make long periods of standing near painless. Reduce the pressure felt from carrying your body weight on your feet and improve your standing posture with ease.
For supreme comfort, the non-slip clog has been skilfully crafted from EVA.

EVA's durable design not only keeps feet dry, it also begins to mould to the shape of your feet over long periods of standing for personalised foot support. It is also known for its stress-crack resistant properties. The Invigorate anti-slip clog has side vents angled to stop liquids entering the shoe whilst enhancing blood circulation in the foot. Plus, with an adjustable strap to easily slip your work clog on and off or improve security your feet are well grounded. Feel the difference in standing on your feet with WearerTech.

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