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WearerTech Unisex Energise Metallic Blue Safety Shoe

Product Code: BB191-43
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For world-leading slip resistance, industry pioneers WearerTech are here to protect you from the fall. With over 30 years of experience in understanding the physiology of feet, the biomechanics behind weight distribution, transference and workplace safety, these experts are now here to help you stay safe through every shift. Supporting yourself with the WearerTech Energise shoes provides multiple benefits not just to your feet, but to your entire body.

Ethically sourced, the shock-absorbing E-Tech material (EVA) used in the safety shoe actively reduces impact stress and pain in every step you take. The vegan-friendly EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material used gradually moulds to the shape of your foot too, for everyday bespoke comfort and better posture. Meanwhile, a skilfully crafted foot insole helps to relieve the non-stop pressure put on your feet so you can work with more ease. Puncture resistant, the non-slip sole itself has been sustainably manufactured.

To offer you extra security, the shoes also come with adjustable laces to make quickly fitting your WearerTech shoes straightforward. Inside, the brilliant ergonomic foot bed has been designed to minimise the strain felt after long standing and walking work periods. Wear your occupational footwear your way with a choice of smart black, metallic blue, fuchsia pink or white shoes. Energise every work day with WearerTech.

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