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VITO 50 Oil Filtration Unit V50

Product Code: CP978
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A simple and effective way to reduce your cooking oil costs, the innovative VITO 50 oil filtration unit can reduce your oil consumption by up to 50%. Suitable for most freestanding gas and electric fryers, simply place the unit into the oil whilst it's still hot and let it run for a short 3-5 minute cycle. Oil is cleverly micro filtered and imperfections are removed, making food better looking and tasting in comparison to non-filtered oil. Minimising wastage will also help you to reduce the damaging environmental effects involved with the production, transportation and disposal of oil. As such, this oil filtration unit can work to improve your business's green footprint all while saving you money.

This unit is also easy to maintain, helping you keep it hygienic and in fantastic working condition at all times.

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