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Vegware Compostable PLA Hinged-Lid Deli Containers 473ml / 16oz (Pack of 300)

Product Code: CP412
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Ideal for cold salads, desserts and deli goods, these 16oz Vegware compostable PLA hinged-lid deli containers give you a functional and sustainable alternative to oil-based plastic containers at a reasonable price. Made from plant-based PLA, these containers are completely compostable and emit less carbon during production than traditional plastic packaging. By using these compostable containers, you can minimise the amount of waste you send to harmful landfill sites, reduce your business's environmental impact and meet consumer demand for greener alternatives to single-use plastic packaging.

This plant-based construction does not sacrifice on practicality however. The PLA material is lightweight yet exceptionally strong, ensuring these containers can meet the demands of any busy food stall, cafeteria or deli. The hinged lid also acts as a highly effective seal, preserving the freshness and quality of your food for longer.

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