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Utopia Speciality Royal Champagne Flutes 155ml (Pack of 6)

Product Code: CW141
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Celebrate the occasion with these 155ml Utopia Speciality Royal champagne flutes.

Featuring an elegant slimline glass design, these champagne flutes are the perfect piece of glassware for classy events. During times of celebration, this is when your guests and customers could be at their most generous and willing to spend. It's important then that we're offering everything they need to celebrate fully. Also suitable for artisan cocktails, these flutes can add texture, colour and striking shapes and materials to your repertoire to instantly liven up any menu. The flutes are also dishwasher safe, allowing you to save time on manual washing and also achieve a higher standard of wash result.

Make sure you're fully prepared for the party now with these champagne flutes from specialist tableware and glassware brand Utopia.

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