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SpeeDelight Grill with Manual Plate Single Phase E603886

Product Code: CR591-1PH
£6,712.19 ex. VAT
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A great choice if you're offering freshly made panini, burritos, pizza slices and toasted sandwiches to order, the Electrolux SpeeDelight offers impressive cooking performance all within a compact counter top machine. Using a combination of microwave, infrared and powerful cooking plates, the SpeeDelight produces hot on-the go food that is both crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside -all in less than a minute. Operation is effortless, thanks to the front mounted programmable controls - simply select the program, load the food and once the cycle is complete the lid automatically pops open - no more burnt food.

This model is single phase.

Price includes delivery, installation, commissioning, setup and training.

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