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Shoes For Crews Arden Mens Hoverlight Size 43

Product Code: BB118-43
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Your front of house footwear should be robustly made to handle the hazards and fast pace of the hospitality industry. Do your work shoes truly protect you? Shoes for Crews smart black size 9 Arden ergonomic work shoes do. A slip resistant outsole, water repellent surface and tapered toe area to stop your feet catching on corners are just a few of the measures taken to keep you safely standing throughout your shift.

With a flex-tread sole designed with deep, patterned grooves to mimic the natural movement of your feet, expect grip in every step. Water repellent leather outers keep you dry and add classic style that can match with casual or formal hospitality workwear. Plus, at 9.63 oz. per shoe you'll feel like you're treading air. Dress your feet in durable comfort and improve personal slip resistance at work today.

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