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Rubbermaid Slim Jim Container With Venting Channels Black 87Ltr

Product Code: CP653
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Rubbermaid have created this bin to be almost effortless to use. The bin is made from commercial-grade plastic that won't bend and flex during use. The rim features four bag clinches that secure your bin bag in place with no need to tie knots in the corners. When it comes to emptying the bin, you can do it with ease thanks to the interior venting panels. They direct airflow beneath the bin liner, breaking the vacuum and allowing for easy bin bag removal - 80% easier than removing a bag from an unvented bin.

This container can also be easily paired with colour-coded stickers and lids (sold separately) to create bespoke recycling bins for all of your business's waste disposal needs. This will help you to improve your business's recycling rates and make sure rubbish is disposed of into the correct waste streams.

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