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Polar G-Series Slush Machine 1 x 12L

Product Code: DB331
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With the ability to serve anything from ice-cold slushies to chilled drinks that quench the thirst of your guests, this 12 litre slush machine from Polar provides a unique addition to your drinks menu. The slush machine is designed with a powerful cooling system that leaves your slush mixture ready to use within only 40 minutes, so it's up and running quickly. Featuring a digital display and electronic controls for temperature and speed settings, the slush machine allows you to customise the contents depending on the product that you serve - giving you excellent customisation of your service.

The slush machine helps to make cleaning simple and efficient, with a removal tank and tap assembly that allows you to regularly complete deep-cleaning. With an excellent cost-per-use, the slush machine is great for providing guests with a unique and refreshing treat, whilst also helping to add high value, low cost items to your menu. Made from a mixture of stainless steel and ABS plastic materials, this slush dispenser is highly durable to everyday wear and tear - helping to ensure profitable operation throughout those demanding hot afternoons.

Polar G-Series slush machines are designed for everyday, professional use in demanding environments. With hard-wearing components and strong commercial construction, choose G-Series for the results you want, without a cost to reliability. Polar G-Series reliably keeps temperature in conditions up to 32¬įC.

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