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Olympia Kiln Milk Jugs Moss 96ml (Pack of 6)

Product Code: DA432
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Find the perfect addition to your crockery sets, with these Olympia Kiln milk jugs in moss effect.

This artisan milk jug from crockery company Olympia is the perfect porcelain addition to your tea, saucer and spoon drink sets. Crafted in a pretty light green hue, the milk pourer adds a natural, earthly tone to your serving ware helping to reinforce ideals of health-conscious dining. The unusual colour also helps to highlight the quality of the dairy it holds by contrast, highlighting the freshness of white milk or cream. A robust porcelain construction gives your business credibility too, showing customers your standards in quality and design. Porcelain is an extremely durable material that is low maintenance, strong when used in high-traffic environments and quick to dry, reducing the risk of breakages and streamlining your service.

For the ultimate serving set, pair the small milk jug with any of the teacups (GP478, GP4480), espresso cups (GP476) or saucers (GP481) in the Moss collection. Bowls, plates and tumblers are also available.

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