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Olympia Ash Wood Serving Platter with Leather Handles 370mm

Product Code: CN620
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Serve tapas, small appetisers and vibrant dips in exquisite style, using this 370(W) x 150(D)mm Olympia ash wood serving platter with leather handles. Built from premium ash wood, the tray offers a stunning rustic look, perfectly accentuating the artisan appearance of handcrafted dishes. Two real leather straps also ooze modernity, adding a unique and contemporary touch to your tabletops. With three 60(√ė)mm recesses, this board is able to accommodate Olympia Kiln dipping pots, Olympia mini pans and many other small pieces of crockery, giving you ample choice over how you present your food. The ash wood construction also makes this board remarkably strong and sturdy, preventing it from damaging if knocked or dropped.

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