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Kubus Drop In Slimline Multideck 900mm

Product Code: CW652
£4,751.99 ex. VAT
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This product is available to order over the phone. Please call us on 01543 226 448 to place an order.
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Optimised to provide large chilled spaces within a small area, the Kubus Drop In Cold Patisserie features three large adjustable to shelves to complement the lower drop-in display area. Maintaining temperature through an eye level digital display, the patisserie functions 24 hours a day as standard and is built to withstand the pressure of constant customer flow. Merchandise preferred stock through individual 'point of sale' displays on each shelf, which are assisted by diffused lighting in the overhead gantry. The shelves and deck plates can be moved for simple cleaning, whilst the inclusion of a water evaporator removed the hassle of site drainage. GN pans sold separately.

Please note: special-to-order. This product is non-returnable.

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