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Ice Cream Containers 2Ltr (Pack of 20)

Product Code: CS828
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Don't let any of your ice cream go to waste. By using these plastic ice cream containers, you'll keep it safe from freezer burn while also preserving its delicious taste and creamy textures. This ensures your frozen desserts will go that little bit far further - reducing the amount of damaged ice cream you throw out to cut costs and maximise profits!

Each of the 2Ltr containers is designed with reinforced corners to offer even greater protection against bumps or drops. This not only keeps your ice cream safe, but also ensures the tubs can be reused time and time again. Because they're dishwasher-safe, keeping the containers clean and hygienic between uses is effortless. You can even use them in the microwave for defrosting or reheating tasks if needed.

Remember to pair up your ice cream tubs with compatible lids (CS829 - sold separately) for the ultimate protection.

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