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Greenspeed All-Purpose Cleaner Ready To Use 5Ltr (4 Pack)

Product Code: DE571
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Keep your kitchen and the planet clean with this pack of 4 x 5Ltr Greenspeed all-purpose cleaner bottles. Featuring a high-performance, vegetable-based formula, this solution is able to tackle light stains and soiling with ease. This will help kitchen staff to quickly maintain your worktops, equipment and utensils and ensure they're always ready for the next service.

Unperfumed and food-safe, there's also no risk of this solution tainting your ingredients after cleaning. This makes it the perfect choice for any commercial kitchen or busy food-prep environment.

The renewable, vegetable-based ingredients mean this cleaner is highly sustainable and free from harmful substances such as chlorine compounds and petroleum-based detergents. As such, switching to this Greenspeed all-purpose cleaner will help you to reduce your environmental impact and take steps towards a greener day-to-day operation.

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