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Fiesta Recyclable Foil 1/1 Gastronorm Containers (Pack of 5)

Product Code: CP512
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Perfect for storing and transporting both hot and cold food, this pack of 5 x 1/1 GN rectangular foil containers is ideal for delivering takeaways, catering for barbeques or serving food at outdoor events. Made from high quality foil, the trays are completely leak-resistant, preventing any spills when in transit. The premium foil material also offers superb heat insulation, keeping your curries, rice and BBQ food hotter for longer to preserve their sumptuous taste, texture and appearance. Remarkably lightweight and built to stack neatly, these trays are incredibly space-efficient, freeing up more room in your storage areas. These gastronorm foil containers are also recyclable, making them perfect for use at festivals or any other open air events, broadening the appeal of your business while also ensuring you strictly follow waste regulations.

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