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Eazyzap Glue Board Fly Killer 50m²

Product Code: CT870
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The Eazyzap glue trap is a silent and discreet solution for improving hygiene in food service areas. By using infra-red lighting and ultra-sticky glue boards, the electric fly killer attracts flying insects in and securely traps them against a highly adhesive replaceable board - effectively preventing them from escaping.

The clever design is quite unlike a zapper - not only is there no tell-tale 'zap' when an insect is caught, there's no chance of any insect debris being emitted away from the unit. This makes the Eazyzap a great alternative option for front of house or food prep areas. Simply swap out the board when required - no mess, no fuss.

Please note: adhesive glue board requires changing around once a month. For replacement boards, please see the accessories tab.

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