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Dunisoft Premium Cocktail Napkin White 20x20cm Airlaid 1/4 Fold (Pack of 2880)

Product Code: CY525
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Start making small, positive changes to your service and the future of our planet by switching to these 200(W) x 200(L)mm white Dunisoft compostable premium cocktail napkins. As the cocktail napkins are made from FSC-certified paper, they are incredibly sustainable and will completely compost within 12 weeks when sent to industrial composting facilities. As such, these napkins can help you to improve your business's green footprint and divert more of your waste away from expensive and harmful landfill sites.

The thick material means these napkins are also strong and wonderfully soft, making it easy for your guests to comfortably wipe any spills or mess. Completed with a sleek white colourway, the napkins also offer a classically elegant appearance that will bring a subtle style to your food and drinks presentation.

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