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Disposable Polythene Aprons 25 Micron White (Pack of 500)

Product Code: BB668
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Help to minimise the spread of contamination by using these white disposable polythene aprons. These single-use aprons work to keep staff's uniforms clean and free from bacteria and other microbes. This will help to prevent cross contamination and minimise the risk of illnesses or infections spreading throughout your premises.

The 25 micron thickness also gives these aprons excellent strength and tear-resistance, so you can make sure your staff are fully covered and protected when carrying out heavy-duty food handling, cleaning or maintenance tasks.

Are These Aprons Recyclable?

Yes, as long as they're uncontaminated, these aprons can be recycled through specialist recycling streams which may be offered locally to you. If you're unable to recycle the aprons, please ensure you dispose of them responsibly into a general waste stream. If used in a care home or healthcare environment, these aprons should be disposed of in accordance with the latest government advice.

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