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Comark HT100 HACCP Touch Screen Data Logger

Product Code: CN637
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Do away with untidy and confusing piles of paper and discover paperless, effortless and quick HACCP recording with the touch screen data logger from Comark. The data logger makes it easy for you to track daily checks, such as cleaning, stock levels, supplier deliveries, temperatures and more. And all the data is seamlessly synced to your computer via WiFi, giving you a database of data for HACCP checks. A probe accessory can be attached to record the temperature of cooked food, ensuring you can maintain high levels of food safety throughout every service.

An easy-to-use touch screen speeds up your daily routines, and a rubber casing ensures the data logger can withstand constant use in kitchens and stock rooms. Your reports can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets and or PDF's via the software, which is free for the first year, allowing you to create backup files to ensure you've always got a record of checks.

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