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Chef Works Le Mans Chefs Jacket White 8XL

Product Code: A371-8XL
£21.77 ex. VAT
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Providing unrivalled quality for a budget price, the Chef Works Unisex Le Mans Chefs Jacket is the ideal addition to any chef's wardrobe.

Unisex long sleeved Le Mans chef jacket by Chef Works (8XL). It is an exceptional value for money jacket, with button fastening, durable double stitched seams, and plain roll back cuffs, made from polycotton material.

What is polycotton?

Polycotton is a material blend consisting of 35% cotton and 65% Polyester, combining the best features of both materials. Polycotton combines the strength and durability of polyester with the comfort of cotton to produce the best chefs' clothing.

Are there any pockets on this jacket?

The Chef Works Unisex Le Mans Chefs Jacket features two pockets - one on the left breast and one thermometer pocket. These pockets add convenience, allowing chefs to store pens and other essentials for easy access.

Is the jacket suitable for embroidery?

Yes, the Chef Works Unisex Le Mans Chefs Jacket can be easily embroidered! Embroidery is a great branding tool for professional catering businesses, increasing awareness and making uniforms look more professional.

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