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Cambro Ultra Camtainer Insulated Beverage Dispenser 19.9Ltr

Product Code: T435
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Keep your beverages hot and cold for hours, with this Cambro beverage dispenser (19.9Ltr).

Constructed from premium grade polyethylene plastic, this dispenser is very robust and durable to withstand heavy duty usage and last for years, which saves you money on buying replacements. The plastic is crafted from one seamless piece, eliminating any gaps for heat to escape and keeping hot beverages warm for hours. A double wall of plastic with thick foam insulation also helps for heat retention, keeping your beverages hot and cutting down on wastage. The extra-large 19.9Ltr size allows for a decent amount of beverage inside, saving you time from having to fill it up so regularly. Featuring wide nylon latches, this dispenser is easy to open and close with one hand, allowing for quick and easy access. The latches will also never rust like metal, increasing the dispenser's lifespan and again saving you money on buying replacements. The spigot is drip-proof, lessening wastage from drips that can add up to a surprising amount over time. The spigot is also recessed for safety from knocks, preventing further damage. The dispensers are stackable to save space and limit injuries from tripping over the units.

This dispenser is a versatile piece of equipment from top-quality brand Cambro.

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