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Cambro EPP Insulated Top Loading Food Pan Carrier 35.5 Litre

Product Code: DW573
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Perfect for catering functions or any delivery service, this top loading insulated food box from Cambro is strong, lightweight and highly resilient to food spills. The box can withstand substantial impact without sustaining damage, whilst handling heavy loads with no affect on its shape or form. Inside, there is space for a 150mm deep 1/1 size gastronorm pan along with camchillers or camwarmers to extend cold or hot holding times as desired.

Compatible with Cambro Camdolly (DW569) for easy trolley transport.

Comfortable, integrated handles make the GoBox easy and safe to lift, reducing physical strain and the risk of injury. The box is also unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals, making it ideal for transporting a wide variety of foods.

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